Monday, 22 March 2010


 The start to todays' excursion around the Fewston and Swinsty reservoirs coincided with that of a lovely young couple from Wetherby, James and Jennifer, who kindly shared the loop of the first reservoir.   We chatted all the way around and it transpired that they had completed the Haweswater Half Marathon as I had recently.  On completion of the first reservoir I gently cajoled them into carrying on to complete the other one as I had planned;   which they did . Whilst finishing behind me at the Lakes race having them on board resulted in a time for the run several minutes faster than I would have achieved on a Monday after a race by myself.  So thanks James and Jennifer.   Would not be surprised to see them closing the gap on me within a short time.   With no race this coming weekend the plan is to "make up" for some lowish mileage weeks which has been inevitable with all the recent races.

 An interesting if puzzling post script to yesterday's relay.  A look at the programme for the event revealed that my club had registered no fewer than 94 men from which to make up 3 teams of 12.  Yet we were only capable of completing 2 teams and an incomplete team of 4 as reported in the last blog entry.
 Admittedly several of those on the list ended up on marshalling duties but surely they could have mustered another 8 to complete our "C" team.
 As I said a good job I hadn't journeyed especially from home ....a 3 hour round trip!  With so many races going out of existence, others filling up very early and many races costing so much that they lose the support of the frequent racer I think it is important that club runners make an effort to turn out for their clubs and maintain these long standing events.

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