Sunday, 28 March 2010


  I was back in Cheshire again today to give support to friends and club mates from Sale Harriers competing in one of the country's biggest club run half marathons at Wilmslow.   The plan was to run out in front of the race field to the four mile point, take some photos then run a mile or so further to take some more shots as the runners made their way back.  

  What I didn't account for was trying to get beyond 4000 runners and accompanying spectators before the race started! I didn't make it and so elected to run along with the race  at around 8.30 to 9.00 minute mileing.  Two things struck me. One this pace felt so, so easy in a race situaton yet was only half a minute faster than my training run yesterday.   Secondly,  the number of people listening to music!  I would say it was a good 50% back in the field here.  I had thought they had been banned? Or what that just in America?
  Not racing, I was attired in tights and a windjacket  but was only just comfortable.  The wind in those first few miles was strong and biting.  It would definitely take the edge off the times but would give them a gentle push from behind on the way back.   The mens race was won by Salford Andi Jones in 64.45  (pictured to the left here just before 10 mile)

followed by a strong finishing Sale clubmate
Gareth Raven in 65.36 pictured here with another Sale Harrier Matt Bond who ran 65.53.  As to be expected there were dozens of Sale cubmates running; so Wilmslow's one for me to consider next year when hopefully the conditions will be kinder.
  My main interest however today was to support the efforts of  one of Yorkshire's leading female runners Sarah Jarvis (Running Bear) (see below )running the race as part of her build up to the Edinburgh marathon.  Despite a recent 20 mile race and little let up in her marathon training she ran a tremendous 77.43, provisionally 7th in the English championships which were being held in with the race.  
   Talking to several of the leading runners after,  many of them were running the race at the end of a big mileage week. Their minds being on the  prize of a later great  marathon time.   Gareth raven said he eased down to 85 miles for the week (!) aand would be running another 6 miles Sunday evening.
  Many will have been disappointed today.   It's never easy to accept race times slightly slower
 than one would hope for when racing without a full taper.
  They could worse than read or re-read Charlie Spedding's book in which he describes many indifferent race performances on the way to championship marathon medals. But at least their time today gives them a very good guide to dictating their marathon pacing strategy and is very worthwhile if for that reason alone. 
  I reckon I covered at least 6 miles today so that concludes another succesful week totalling 56 with the relay leg and a good track session. Onward and forward!

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  1. Thanks for your support on the course at Wilmslow Terry, I was feeling dog tired as I'm sure you witnessed but those shouts of encouragement gave me a bit of a lift at a much needed point on the long road to the finish. Thanks again.