Thursday, 4 March 2010


  One of the great advantages of running on holiday is that we are able to see and find places and things of interest which non-runners would possibly miss or just not reach.  It's a great way or getting one's bearings and helps plan the "things to do"  list.  It was a bit like that today as I "discovered" a marina and marina cafe bar that I'd hadn't spotted driving by several times but was conspicuous from the Leeds Liverpool canal, (heading towards Burnley, Lancashire ) on the run from the 7 mile easy run from the track at Nelson.

 After the run I drove back for lunch at the cafe bar and took a few shots on what was another fabulous spring day. 
  Amazing to see that's there is snow still on the tops of Pendle Hill.
  So if you have a few thousand to spare to buy yourself a barge you now know where you can
moor it......

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