Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Managed to stick to the week's plan on Friday; taking time out from the preparation for the few days away in the Lake District to pop in a very easy 4 on the grass.  The usual no risk prerace run which betrays little of how Sunday might go as the effort is not exacting.
 Saturday was similar.  Simply a case of turning the legs over and keep the airways working with an easy 3.
There is real optimistic feeling in the Lakes for the new season after a winter which has seen businesses in the region hit badly by the snow and  the floods.    No problems on the roads but much snow still firmly in place on the mountains.  This is a view from the shore of Ullswater.
I wish I could say I have an optimistic feeling about tomorrow.  It's Ok doing races for the first time to keep things fresh but of course the feeling of apprehension is heightened by "the fear of the unknown".  Just how much of a challenge will it be!?      Unlike a lot taking part who will be using   the race as part of their build up to a spring marathon, perhaps London, Edinburgh or Lochabar,  for me it is more a case of taking part in an event whilst up in the area for a few days's; hence the token taper this week.  Having said that there is always the race for the placings in the age category.  Let's just hope I feel better than this in 24 hours time.   One thing certain.....the weather will be as bright s today..................


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