Thursday, 23 September 2010

A week for recovery and rebuilding.

  Well, how's your week going?  At this end it really has been a case of recovering and rebuilding after that rain soaked , strength sapping but enjoyable 10K last Sunday.
  Recovery isn't quite so rapid for mature runners like myself.   Monday's 4 flat and easy was more than enough.  Tuesday, a 6 but only at 9.30 pace. Wednesday  a 7 on tarmac towpath of the canal over in Lancashire.  A mile added and one or two miles under 9.00.  Slow and steady progress.
Today, Thursday,  a couple of  "bricks" back into the wall of fitness with  8.5 on mainly trail with a particularly testing   climb up through woods towards the end.

                A great sheltered place for hill reps in later months...hopefully with last winter's snow.

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