Tuesday, 7 September 2010

2011 Brooks mens Green Silence......and race recovery.

Firstly, in response to a couple of email queries I've received ref. next year's Brooks racers featured in blog July 6 2010.  Yes, the GREEN SILENCE shown was indeed the womens version and , yes, the mens version is ,logically, to feature GREEN, NOT TURQUOISE as the womens does.  See here....


So there you have it.......or should I say....... will have it....if you buy it......next year.

Meanwhile, a rather different recovery run on Sunday following the previous day's 10K.   Very often a few easy miles on grass suffices.  But last Sunday we had to drive to Manchester to ensure Sale Harriers
Young Athletes had their event day t-shirts for their National Young Athletes Final at Sportcity.  The u/13 u/15 and u/17s were competing on the Sportcity track which was the warm up track for the Commonwealth Games Manchester.  The main stadium , now called Eastlands , is of course home to Manchester City F.C.
 So the recovery run was a precarious one,  in late morning east Manchester traffic to my mother-in laws.  5 miles of multi exit junctions and traffic lights galore.   The type of run so many runners experience no doubt on a daily basis but far removed from my normal running experience nowadays!  Quite intimidating!  Not something I would like to do on a regular basis but one that I forced to endure when I ran to and from school and later work in Manchester
in the 1960s.
Regular readers will recall that I made reference in an earlier post that Runners World have for months and months featured a female runner, usually clad in shorts and crop top,  no matter what the time of year and never ever feature a male runner.   Well, well, well.  Guess what?  Yes the October issue features a male runner...

I don't think for one minute that the editor ran my blog and thought it was time for change.  No, far more likely is the fact that two new running magazines have been introduced to the market, coming out of the same publishing house,  Wild Bunch Media.  Called Womens Running and Mens Running; they naturally feature a woman and a man on the front.  So with a competitor on the newsstand appealing to the male runner, still in the majority, no doubt they thought it was time for a change.
Continuing male and female balance I failed to refer to the first lady to finish in Saturday's BLACKPOOL ILLUMINATIONS 10K.  It was JAYNE TAYLOR of Wigan Phoenix, 28th of the 340 who finished but just outside 40 minutes with 40.01.  Jayne is a F45 category runner.   In the mens race 12of the first 20 were OVER 45.   Where have all the young men and women gone?

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