Saturday, 18 September 2010

Friday's pressure!

What a fabulous Friday morning!  Clear blue skies and nought but a slight breeze  with a hint of winter in it.
  A really pleasant contrast to the week endured.   Another day in the Nelson branch; so I had Pat drop me off  and ran 7 miles into work, mainly on the canal.  Yesterday's track session (2 x 2 miles) means I can have a totally relaxed early morning amble with no concern for the pace.   Emphasis......enjoy the moment! And no apologies for stopping and taking a couple of shots.....

A mile out, on the edge of COLNE with PENDLE HILL , venue for so many fell running events, in the background.   It stated on the radio that the canal had reopened from BARROWFORD to the west.  Well not this section......

 It was very much a GREAT NORTH RUN day in the shop with nearly every customer making last minute purchases for the big race.  Sunglasses, caps, gels,  waist packs for cameras and phones etc.   Again, interestingly, only one customer had ever run 13 miles in training.....!?  
  I can honestly say I really enjoyed returning to the "shop floor" for the last couple of days. Whilst I'm very much in touch with the sport at the races,  touching base with the broad range of customers, from 8 year beginners to seasoned club runners to "run for run" enthusiasts,  gives a great insight into current needs and trends........but at my age .....not every day, thank you!

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