Thursday, 9 September 2010

Track daze.....nudging up the pace.

  The autumn,  or "fall" as our American friends prefer to call the season,  and winter orders placed back in February continue to arrive .   Yesterday it was BROOKS apparel; the NIGHTLIFE range.  Designed to keep us all warm, dry and safely visible in the coming months.  I say us.  It will be  a rarity for me to have to train in the dark as I'm able to get out late morning every day.  A privilege of semi-retirement  having been selling running gear since 1975! But there's plenty for customers to go at.
  So today saw me journeying once again over to Lancashire to deliver the Nightlife etc. to the Nelson Complete Runner branch and then on to the track at Seedhill.

  Since Saturday's race, a 10K at sub 7 minute mile pace,  I've run 26 miles. But only one of them, the last in yesterday's 8 miler, has been faster than 8 minute pace.  Such is the impact of the race at my age. That would have to change today.  But nothing too pacy to risk anything pulling on tired legs!
  The way I felt on the 2 mile warm up around the park it was quite tempting to skip the session and head off down the canal but that would have been a waste of a 50 minute drive.  So I opted  for sustained speed; the safest and least punishing option.   2 x 2 miles. With half mile recovery between the efforts.
  Nothing spectacular in the times but at least some progress pacewise with   7.29 and 7.30 for the first 2 mile effort.....14.59  but a much better 14.32 on the second.  Mission accomplished but hard work particularly with no one to share the session with on a humid, blustery day.
  The main problem I find  doing these track sessions is one of concentration.   Without another runner to focus on and be aware of, the mind drifts onto other matters and as the pace drops.   Still a solid session; next week , shorter reps, faster pace.  

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