Thursday, 16 September 2010


 With temperatures dipping and our autumn/winter orders piling in, an end to summer was declared at our Nelson Complete Runner branch today;   with some fabulous new gear from Gore,  Nike, Adidas, Asics, Saucony and Brooks going up.
  All designed to keep our customers warm, dry and safely visible in the coming months.  

I was allowed a pass out, however,  to run from the shop the mile down to Seedhill track for this week's session.   I made the warm up up to 3 with the usual circuit of the park and strides and started into a 4 x miles  session.  As usual conditions blustery and distinctly cool.
I've set this fundamental session for athletes and myself countless times in the past and 10K  pace
should be attainable and reasonably expected.   Less than 2 weeks ago I managed  a road 10K at 6.54 per mile pace....42.50.   But today  for whatever reason (running solo, blustery conditions, etc etc.)
I could only manage   7.35  7.36  7.28  7.24. 
Quite disappointing  BUT  still ,  a  much faster pace than any other mile run this week.   Showing that if you want to do speed work......find your favourite running track and use it !
Or in the case of Seedhill (at weekends).....lose it.

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  1. Hi Terry. Good to meet you in the shop today, even though you did make me part with too much cash! Love your blog! Your running career is very impressive. Now I know why you don't mix running with badminton! ha ha....
    Sorry, I gave you the old blog title - this is the blog. Alison