Thursday, 2 September 2010


  Just once we will return from holiday without having to cope with an urgent demand from one source or another.  When the call comes from my own club then I could hardly refuse and the team have to immediately go to work on turning out a large batch of t-shirts, from little or no artwork, for the National Young Athletes final at Sports City, Manchester on Sunday.  Easy to say "no, it can't be done in the time" but we could hardly disappoint teams of u/13s  u/15s  and u/17s on their big day, now could we?
 So dealing with that demand meant a postponement of this week's "2 res run" until early evening on Wednesday.   Isn't it annoying when work gets in the way of your late morning run!!!
 At least by 5 p.m. the trail was virtually free of walkers and made for fewer hold ups. And what a fabulous evening it was. Emerging from the shade of the trees after the first mile it was good to feel the warmth of the sun for a change.  Apparently, it's been the coldest August for 17 years.
  Starting out I could feel yesterday's walk in the legs, albeit short, but as usual after a couple of miles the pace quickened. But despite racing the garmin over the last mile or so to dip under the hour the last long hill proved 10 seconds too long and I clocked 60.10.  Still very rare I'm under 60, so a pleasing effort, nevertheless.
  Took the opportunity after the run to register the diminished resouces available from Yorkshire Water for the good folks of Leeds and Bradford.   Well short of full capacity; but at least we now have a new beach to play on......

Fewston Beach ......................

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