Wednesday, 1 September 2010


TUESDAY.  Last day in the Lakes.  Early morning and Troutbeck village and Wansfell Pike are already bathed in bright sunshine and looks like another fine day in prospect.
  A few necessary chores before the last run, finishing where I started last Thursday; on the trail up to Troutbeck Park farm and back.  The valley could not look any better.  Plenty of time to enjoy the scenery as the pace of the run is not exactly brisk  following the 2 road runs over the weekend.

 A quick lunch at the excellent Wilf's in Staveley yard and
we're all set for the final bit of exercise of the Lake District break,   a walk together up the trail from SADGILL FARM at the head of LONGSLEDDALE.  I've mentioned runs up and down this fabulously secluded valley a few times before on the blog.   It's well worth diverting to on any trip to the Lake District.
  The trail as shown on yesterday's shot from the farm starts off quite gently then gradually climbs over a couple of miles,  leading to waterfalls which I'm sure will be well worth the effort to reach in autumn and winter months to come.
  Walkers know, however, that they have to arrive at the farm start point early to tackle this trail as there's parking
for very few cars; probably 10 maximum.   By mid afternoon when we arrived I think the early birds had returned and journeyed on.  


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