Wednesday, 15 September 2010


  Based on my participation in the Great Manchester 10k  I had an email from Nova today and besides alerting me to the fact that the Great North Run is on Sunday,  they gave the current status of voting for runners TOP 20 RUNNING TRACKS.   Naturally, my first thought was to that pinky red circuit of 400 metres with 8 white lines around it, which I frequent most wEeks at Seedhill, Nelson.  Silly me! No, they meant "tracks" as in  album tracks voted  most popular by runners who listen to music "on the run"!  
  Not many that I myself would have put in there. I'm more of  trance/dance man!  So good to see Faithless
but Freddie Mercury top?!   Really!?   Any of your favourites?............


Don't stop me now         Queen
Eye of the tiger              Survivor
Mr Brightside                Killers
Lose yourself                 Eminem
Sex on fire                     Kings of leon
Insomnia                        Faithless
I gotta feeling                 Black eyed peas
Born to run                    Bruce Springsteen
Pump                              Black eyed peas
Sandstorm                     Darude
Pounding                       Doves
Living on a prayer        Bon Jovi
Keep on running           Spencer Davies Group
Proud                             Heather Small
Bat out of hell                Meatloaf
Holding out for a hero   Bonnie Tyler
Dog days rover             Florence &; the machine 
Greatest day                 Take that
Fire                                Kasabian
Black & gold       Sam Sparro
Adagio for strings         DJ Testo

Pic shows Freddie at the time he ran for Southampton Athletic Club  and had made a pair of shorts out of his club running vest.  Nice!   But seriously............ 
                          hope you UK runners coped with last night's strong winds.   
  Today began no better but working from home allows me the flexibility to run when there is a window in the weather; which today was early evening. An easy 5 miles before tomorrow's TRACK SESSION
That's track as in athletics stadium type track.......not album track!

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