Thursday, 1 July 2010


Into week 27 of the year and with no race numbers set aside waiting to be pinned onto the race vest for another sortie, it's time for a review before setting new goals. Goals which as those who know me well dictate my training.  Dictate the length of the long runs,  dictate the volume and pace of the speed sessions, dictate the choice of build up races on the way to the ultimate objective.
   It was simpler when I used to run marathons.   The 26.2 event is such a major goal that it has to dominate the planning for the best part of 16 weeks before.   Fittting in the long runs  up to 30 miles,  fitting in sessions like 6 x mile,  fitting in half marathons,  fitting in up to 70/80 miles a week.   For a good performance the work has to be put in . But having raced 26 all under 3 hours I'm not sure I want to put myself through all that at 61 just to record an inevitable personal worst time.
  So going down the other road and reviewing the 13 races completed so far this year,  the two half marathons I coped quite well with. The  50 plus miles per week stood me in good stead but  both indicated potential for improvement.   One, undulating with patches of ice on the circuit: the other involved some long drags.   With that in mind a late summer or early autumn half marathon would therefore present a creditable aim.   Weekly mileage and the long run have "suffered" these last few weeks with so many races.   With recovering and resting this was unavoidable but now upping the weekly average and getting back to some runs up to 16 mile will help towards that aim but do no harm in tackling a 10 miler in August and maintaining current standards in any 5Ks and 10ks which will serve inevitably as objectives on the way.
   So,  I'll take the road signposted to......"AUTUMN HALF MARATHON"...... looking for 5ks ,10ks and a 10 miler on the way.  As they say....sounds like a plan!   Suggestions on a good flat half marathon welcome!  Preferably which does not involve a flight!
   Hopefully, with care and thought, I'll be able to remain injury free as I have this year, not missing a day. In fact this particular streak has been a year.  The track sessions lately have produced some of the best times for a long time.   The long runs in the first quarter went OK.  
   But I've ignored the hills for preservation of pace and this has to be addressed.   A weekly bike and a couple of row sessions would help maintain leg strength and upper body strength would profit from some light weights to help me run tall and aid arm drive.
  My times still fall short of those required to make the rankings on Power Of 10.   20.20 for 5K short of the 20 minute mark.   42.19  for 10K short of their 41 minute mark.   I've said previously their standards are deliberately high to limit the work of the statisticians! but still perhaps with a bit extra effort who knows....?
  Generally though the first half of the year has gone pretty well.   Good consistency,  daily and weekly,   several new races run,   reasonable times but...........could do better!!
   Now let's have a look at some events to run.............


  1. I sometimes wonder if that's why the marathon was invented. The training build up can be put to use for all the distances over 5k. It provides you with a clear goal and focus to do the long runs and high mileage weeks.

    A good Autumn half is; Bridlington Half in mid October. Not quite pancake flat, sometimes breezy. Won in 65 mins last year. Pre entry or no prize. Waffle stall close to finish.

  2. I really enjoy the 10 mile-half marathon range. It's long enough to give you substantial runs, but short enough that training doesn't monopolize all of your free time.