Saturday, 10 July 2010

Back to school (s)...........

We've had World Cup football,  Wimbledon,  Le Tour de France and the fabulous summer of televised sport continued today with  4 hours of track and field action from the English Schools Athletic Championships from Birmingham on Sky Sports 3.   Eagerly awaited by myself as so many of the county athletes were performing in vests supplied by FASTRAX  and so the programme becomes nothing short of a 4 hour advert for us but of course for our competitors also.  If you haven't already done so, why not check out our website..  .  

  As always of course some great performances but  sadly for many their national title is the height of their career whilst many defeated finallists go on to greater glory later.   But the winners certainly enjoy the moment and why not...

    I recall representing Lancashire Schools in these
championships in 1966 (!) running the 2000 metre steeplechase at Witton Park, Blackburn; managing a moderate 7th in the final in a time which would have made me 4th this afternoon. Teams were billeted with families in the Blackburn area and the family who hosted me  had a son who was determined to show me that whilst I might be able to beat him at running he was better at me at table tennis, snooker, darts , cards etc etc.
 Quite an interesting experience! 
Sadly whilst  many of the other county runners enjoyed a very "sociable" Saturday night away (think a mixed team of teenagers!) after the two days of competition,  our Lancashire team was back in Manchester early evening.  A real anti-climax!
  After yesterday's 3 mile tempo run on the canal  I enjoyed a 6 mile easy run on the trail.   Another visit to Fewston beach as I now call it.   Need 10 tomorrow for another par week of 50.

                  Any readers have English Schools Track & Field Champs. memories to share?

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