Monday, 28 June 2010

PLATT FIELDS 10K....a day for canny vets.

 Well we dashed back from yesterday's 10K race in Manchester to watch a great comedy programme on TV. No, not the "funniest ever You've Been framed", England v. Germany in the World Cup last 16....what a joke......!!!! Enough said...

 Comments flying around before this Platt Fields 10K were all pretty negative as temperatures rose well into the 20s.
 "I'm not looking forward to this one!" 
" This is going to be a survival test!" 
" This could be my slowest 10K ever!" 
"I'm just out to finish!" etc. etc.  
Couldn't be any worse than that Freckleton half:   at least there was a bit of a breeze which would inevitably by cooling on some parts of the 1 small and 3 large circuits of this flat park run and the trees would provide some shelter from the midday sun.  The start was at 11 a.m.
 With shades and cap firmly in place I slotted in a few rows back on the narrow path and several tight corners later went through the first K in 4.25 on the garmin.     The sub 42 would have to wait another day! Judging by the results I must have been back in at least 60th place at this point.   We cover virtually all the small lap again but then divert onto the large lap and find that the next half mile is more trail and quite rutted in places, albeit dry.  Harder to maintain the pace but manage it seeking shade from the trees where possible and , yes, that breeze is very welcome when we run into it.  4.19...4.22....4.20.....for 21.49 at 5K. 
  Unlike last week's uncomfortable outing  when I only overtook a few in the middle of the race here I'm picking runners off throughout as are other canny vets in my slipstream.  4.23, 4.21, 4.19.   Still shooting down the targets ...4.19....with a 4.11 to finsh on the garmin at 43.24.   So good consistent splits melt down as reported and witnessed by others.
   But again, as for the Sale 5, I have to run another 16 seconds to listed time 43.41.   Comparing runners' times today with those they normally run, many were at least 2 minutes slower such was the effect of the heat. 
  Category M60 winner Alan Pover has no 10ks on his record over 40 minutes; yesterday he ran 41:53 (!)  but it was still more than enough to beat me into 2nd place.   Mick Jones of Altrincham was one place in front of me last week and was in my shadow throughout yesterday as we pulled through to eventually finish 36th and 37th ; with me having the edge on him this time.

 126 survived this low key event which had the flavour of a 5k "parkrun" ; just double the distance,  a £7 entry fee and they gave prizes.  Pretty well organized but   lacking K markers; one time the garmin was worn and was useful setting the alert to Ks

  With the sections of "trail", narrow paths and the laps it's perhaps not one for the purists but then again name me a 10K which is perfect.                 Damian Nicholls of Wilmslow won in 32.52 with first lady, Jacqui Slack of Newcastle (Staffs) in 37:59.  A PB for this young lady who has improved her 5K time by nearly a minute this year to 17.37. Oh, to be young! Indeed,  in second place was 18 year Matthew Crehan (pictured below)  marking his 10K debut with a solid 34:28.  Hardly surprising considring the achievements of dad, Jim, and his mother, Sue.


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  1. Yes, well, the U.S. didn't exactly have a pretty match either, so you're in good company! I can't believe you guys don't start races until 11 a.m.--that would be tough, I think! Congrats on another good showing.