Saturday, 17 July 2010

A race on Saturday?....surely not?

  There was a time when all races took place on a Saturday afternoon.  Assemble a small field of 100 or so runners.  Have them all blast around a 10 miler in less than an hour....quick prize giving....back home for the football results! Only cross country events on a Saturday nowadays generally.  So an exception today as we journey down the M62 for the Burtonwood 5 miler near Warrington.  No doubt going to be wet and windy but I haven't raced for 3 weekends so will do nicely.   Said to be accurately measured on country lanes.  Report on  Monday.
   I've mentioned previously that for 6 months or more I've tend to do my medium/ long runs in SOMNIO. Regular readers will remember that a few weeks ago I replaced the footbeds in the shoes  which can and should be done for any make of shoe. But I also replced  the midsole inserts,  which is a facility unique to SOMNIO.   Today I received a pair of one of their new models for autumn/ winter 2010-11.
                                              The PACEMAKER.  It's a  lightweight trainer.  

The shoe came with the blue varus wedge fitted underneath the orange footbed (to the left of the shoe above)
But I "customised " the shoe by replacing the blue varus wedge with the red and replacing the orange footbed with the blue.   This will afford me more support and more cushioning.  With a choice of 3 wedges, offering varying degrees of support, 3 footbeds, offering 3 choices of cushioning plus 3 alternatives in forefoot and rearfoot midsole inserts  the combinations are numerous.  In the same way I can change the lens in my sunglasses so |I can change what I insert into the shoe ; for example I might like the less cushioned footbed for faster paced runs.  Like buying a bike and been given 3 sets of tyres!

 As SOMNIO say they...."Don't just sell shoes......SOLVE PROBLEMS"

If you are reading this prior to racing as normal on Sunday ...have a good one....particularly those
                      mixing with the masses in the GREAT NORTH 10K  up in Sunderland. 

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