Thursday, 22 July 2010


 I must confess if my journey to Lancashire today had been for the sole purpose of running on the track,  I would have come away pretty frustrated and disappointed.  I wouldn't normally tackle a session of anything less than miles but the strong winds prevailing dictated a session of 600 reps.
 Diverting slightly at this point I've been asked a few times why I never write that I've done an interval session rather than a reps session.  I just came to take  the view that the recovery between each repeated effort was the interval between them and  thinking that the speed effort part of the session was more important , would always just say I'm doing reps rather than intervals.  Others , of course, refer to repeats. Whatever we call it we are supposed to run fast at race pace or faster , recover (I always prefer a jog recovery) and then repeat as dictated.
  When  running  the fast bit  we are supposed to feel a satisfying glow of aesthetic motion which once the session has been accomplished fills us with an inner warmth of smug contentment;  such that we are the envy of spectating artisans parked in the track car park, enjoying their lunch break
  Not quite like that today I'm afraid.  The last time I ran 8 x 600 it had been the best for months. Today it was one of the poorest for months;  as a stiff cold easterly wind battered into me on the middle 200, taking much of the pleasure out of the session. Fortunately I had predicted well and had put on a Gore WindStopper short sleeve otherwise it would have been more unpleasant.  Last time the average was 2:28.6
Today down to 2:39.1 .  ( 2:33    2:39   2:41   2:41    2:41   2:41    2:39    2:38).   Can't have been just due to the wind; probably Saturday's race was still in the old legs. Who knows?
  I suspect the workmen watching, sat comforatbly in their van trackside, were more likely to have been thinking...."just look at that old nutter struggling around the track on a day like today!"  Still at least I covered 3 miles at just over 7 minute mileing so it wasn't a total waste of time.
 Due for an easy day tomorrow.   Fancy a steady run  of at least 10 on Saturday; finishing the week with some tempo miles on Sunday.   Sounds like a plan......let's just hope for better weather.
                                                   Enjoy your weekend!

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