Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Recording your bad times......

 I'm probably tempting fate by refering to it BUT as we always should I was looking back on the training summary sheet on excel and it's been a year since I've had a significant injury setback.   Problem was this time last year I was just nursing my way back after a calf strain when I strained my back .....reaching over the bonnet when cleaning the car!
 The calf strain occurred doing a track session on the Thursday after the Freckleton half marathon,  June 21 2009.  It was a shared session,  too much,  too soon at my age and I like to think I have learnt from it. My record shows that I didn't actually stop running altogether just jogging on grass 2s and 3s with the calf strain. It was after 10 days that I suffered the back problem and did miss the following day. It was too severe to run through.
 With the ability to "insert comment" on the excel file and now the blog I don't tend to  keep a daily hand written diary any more but I think it's important to record our times of injury and our jogs when not running 100%.
  If the unknown runner shown above here had a blog I would like to read why he felt he had run himself to the pictured state of apparent collapse after his marathon, for example, and read how his recovery went.  
 I have suffered a bit of "collateral damage" after the Burtonwood 5.  Groin pain mainly which has come and gone over the decades. Not enough to stop me running .......a 7 trail on Monday......a hot and sticky 6 yesterday.  I had planned 8 but  just didn't feel like adding another 2 miles as I reached the point where I'd park my car! Felt a bit like the elite runners in the London marathon who reach the Tower Hotel, look up to the room they are staying in and drop out.
 So a canal 8 miler today., postponing  the today's planned track session until tomorrow.  Usual scenario;
35.08 out and 32.47 back.
                                           Fingers crossed my streak can continue  ............

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