Thursday, 8 July 2010

adidas go green in 2011

  Starting the warm up before yesterday's hill session, I was immediately aware of the impact on the legs of 4 hours driving to and from Stockport for the adidas meeting.  I set off  at what felt like a fast walk.  I was certainly thinking of alternatives.  But thought that many of you reading this who work and drive like this most days and have to run straight away on getting home  so why should I wimp out just because I'm used to late morning runs.  Stick to the plan, I thought!
  By the time I reached the hill after a mile and a half the legs were fluid.  The reps were not "agressive " but they would be testing enough as this was the first hill rep session for months (I think there was snow on the ground) but as I do so many flat runs in the week some hill work cannot be left out any longer.   The hill can be split into 3 sections and so I opted for 6 x short,  4 x medium and 2 x long reps which gives me plenty of scope with permutations for progresson over the next few months.
 Only 5.5 miles in total with the run back cool down but a good session; getting back just in time to see Spain beat Germany.  Had to use ice compression on the knees before today's flat 6 on the trail. But as we always say......No pain, no gain!

 The big "story" for 2011 for mens "apparel" as they call it from adidas was green.  The colour featuring very strongly in running but also evident in tennis and outdoor.   Jackets, tees, singlets all offered in green with black/ green as an alternative. 
  Racing shoe wearers will see the colour featuring heavily in their favourite shoes (now black/ yellow)
as well.  Tempo, Ace, Man etc.
  Ideal for the boys at my club Sale Harriers if they like to match the vest!

 Ladies?  Fresh pink. Lovely!

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