Sunday, 4 July 2010

Slowing down?....a chart to cheer you up!

I said in the last post that many runners, particularly those who reach the very top find it hard to accept the inevitable...that PBs generally cease with age!   I said that age category placings become a key factor in maintaining enthusiasm for racing but another interesting means of "consolation" which I often forget about  is the age adjusted race time factor chart.  So at this time of year when you are perhaps writing are own half year report bear the following chart in mind. (Ladies tomorrow)
  Perhaps your are racing better than you think you are!
Many of you will already be familiar with how the factor chart works.  But for those not so...
taking my times for 2010  I cheer myself up by
 factoring in the adjustment for my age (61)
 So taking my 5K 2010 best....20.20...I multiply this time by .8113 (see chart) and hey presto I'm up guys running 16.29!

 5 miles....34.04 (x .8142)................27.44
10K.........42.19 (x.8156).................34.30
 1/2 m.......94.44 (x .8142)................77.54

Now doesn't that look better!!

 OK, they  don't "age adjust" back to my PBs so not total consolation but the figures help ease the pain of personal worsts!   Go on,  get your calculator out and cheer yourself up.

 With an eye towards that autumn half marathon (wherever!?) I followed Saturday's 7 miles  easy (but hilly)
on the trail with a steady 10 (12) on the canal.  The plan was to jog a mile to start with,  complete the 10 at an average of 8.30 (1.5 minutes over 10K race pace)  then finish with a mile jog.
 Buffetted about by the strong blustering winds, seemingly swirling from all directions, I could tell from the first easy mile that it was going to be a very uncomfortable journey down and back to the 5 Rise locks.  But pleasingly the miles started to edge under target and the 10 was completed 6 seconds inside in 84.54.  Solid but leaving scope for improvement over the next few months I feel.  Today's run took me back just over 50 for the week after several lower weeks due to racing. 
 The weekend's results will be coming up on screen shortly and I will not be surprised to see once again several club mates who raced last Sunday and Thursday will have turned out for yet another 5K.  I was happy to put in a solid week's training;  the first time for a while.



  1. Thanks Terry, thats 15-11 for 5k and 32.25 for 10k this year. Two new PB's, I'm all for it!

  2. That makes yesterday's new personal worst of 39.39 into 34.23 which would have been good enough for 4th place.

  3. I knew you wouldn't have been overly pleased with that time, Alan. BUT you did win the age important factor as I was a very windy day AND you did beat Paula Radcliffe by 6 minutes.