Monday, 5 July 2010

Ladies..growing old gracefully

Yesterday I posted the mens age adjusted racetime chart and as promised the equivalent chart for the ladies.


The age factors are said to express the rate of decline in times with age in comparison to the world record by a runner in the 20-34 age group.  As put yesterday, calculate your age adjusted time for a particular distance by multiplying your actual time by the age facor.
  For example,  a 60 year old female runs 50 minutes for a 10K.  The factor for her age for 10K is 0.7954.  Multiply 50 x 0.7954.
her age adjusted 10k time is 39.46.
  The differentials for each distance given the same age would suggest that a confirmation of a recent blog which referred to us losing speed before endurance. 
  Staying with ladies performances today female readers might be interested to learn of the times of winners in the various age group for the popular 5K distance at yesterday's British Masters Track championships.

F35    Sally Gray            17.59                       F40    Emma Stallard    17.27
F45    Clare Elms           17.25                       F50    Lesley Wright     23.21 (!)
F55    Gail Duckworth   19.27                       F60    Ros  Tabor          20.24
F65    Pauline Rich         23.51                      F70     Cecilia Morrison  22.19  (World Record !!!)

  Take another look at that F70 ladies time. Amazing.  I would like to think that I could have achieved that F60 time but given yesterdya's wind perhaps not! There was a period when I could say that only one female had ever beaten me in a race and that she had to break the world marathon record to do it.  Not any more!
  The running week started as is often the case on a Monday with  an easy run 2 minutes slower than 10K
over 6 miles.   Flat on the road.   Need to slot some hills in this week as per my new half year resolution.
                                                     Happy calculating, ladies!!

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