Saturday, 10 July 2010

The best laid schemes...

                     "The best laid schemes of mice and men
Go often askew
                      And leave us nothing but grief and pain
For promised joy"

     As Pat drove me over to the track at Nelson I going over the scenario for the session.   I would run a 5K tempo instead of mile reps as we were pushed for time.  I would start with a couple of laps just under 1.50 then gradually accelerate towards 1.42. As likely as not the track would be very quiet; no one providing any distraction, just a strong westerly breeze to contend with.   Another solo session.
Wrong!  As we turned into the road to the track  dozens of coachs,  hundreds of youngsters, a full track meet in progress.    Rossendale Schools Championships!   Think again!

    To say the plan had to be changed resulting in grief and pain is somewhat of an exaggeration.   I would have to to do the 5k effort on the  Leeds/Liverpool canal towards Burnley
and I can think of a lot worse venues.  But whilst the surface is tarmaced it's very uneven and would certainly not be as smooth a run and of course no 400 metres times to help with the pace judgement.   

So 4 miles warm up ....and how warm it was!....out into the wind past Reedley marina................................
with great views of Pendle Hill on the skyline...

averaging just below 9 then good acceleration 7.35   7.24   7.10 with a mile jog in 9 to finish.  So not quite as planned but a good solid alternative.   Another 8 mile in the bank.

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