Wednesday, 17 November 2010

When the going gets more!

With homeowners in Cornwall having to cope with up to 5 foot of putrid water invading their ground floor accommodation this week,  I am loathed to use the word horrendous about the conditions prevailing for today's track session.  So let's just say then that they were somewhat less than comfortable!  Cold with
strong winds and persistent rain. Nice!
 So any thoughts of anything short and sharp went down the drain and out of my mind.  I had planned 5 x 1K but having struggled around the first of  1K in a disappointing 4.44,   being blown into lane 2 at times and blown to a standstill at others, I abandoned quality for quantity and decided to plough through another 7 at a
slightly slower pace with a short 1.30 recovery.  No doubt Sunday's 1 hour 40 minutes on that undulating trail  was blunting the speed as well.
                          So  8 x1K  4.44   4.54   4.56   4.52   4.55   4.55   4.54   4.54.  
 Looks relatively poor on paper but a disciplined exercise I suppose and certainly at a much better pace than I would have achieved plodding up and down the canal; which would have been the alternative if I'd have decided against the track.
 Just what impact such a session has on my general wellbeing is questionable!   I think there is a strong argument for doing a speed session on the treadmill when the weather is as poor as it was today.  Having said that today's session totalled 9 miles.  Not sure I could cope with that amount on the rolling road!

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