Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Puddled on the Leeds Liverpool canal.

A very pleasant run this morning sharing a 8 miler on the Leeds Liverpool canal with Ilkley's marathon specialist Sally Malir.   A return to what was a regular midweek steady,  heading up towards Bingley past the famous Saltaire Mill along a  very puddle strewn towpath following recent heavy rain.

Much busier  on this stretch than coming from the west at Silsden as I usually do.  It was good to see former Bingley teammates and veterans champions, Mike Smith, followed several minutes later by Les Haynes  running towards us. Enjoying a fine sunny late morning's run as we were.

 It doesn't seem that long since I could run up to 20 miles with Sally as she built up for her Spring marathons.
Looking back over the last couple of years it's probably a significant negative factor that I have rarely gone over 12 miles for my long run.  Hardly good preparation for half marathons. 
 Today between puddle hopping and squeezing through several "bike gates" we averaged 8.30 pace. Perhaps if I am to tackle that half marathon, earlier next year,  which I put off last weekend,  I need to be joining her for her long runs as she is knocking out at nearer to 8.00 pace.   Thanks for your company today,  Sally.  A nice change.
  I'm over at the Nelson branch for the rest of the week, so just researching  the weather forecast for that area.  Not looking good..............winds up to 23 m.p.h.!!   Bit like this........

Ask a friend to drive you out as far as you want to run in and come  back with the wind behind.  I've done that before.   Not possible for me; could be 300s on the track again...... with the wind behind! Best of luck.

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  1. A remarkable contrast to the wind and rain-fest I've just experienced along the same territory, Terry. 16m from Silsden with the first 8m with the wind and most of the way back into it - then miraculously when i was back on the lane back to Silsden it seemed to turn round and blow me back to the car! Another 16 in the bag...