Monday, 8 November 2010

No fireworks at Alexandra Park 5K (N0VEMBER)

Monday 3 a.m. Troutbeck  Lake District. 
  Lying awake.  Regretably for once the weather forecasters are correct .  Woken by very heavy rain pummelling on the velux overhead.  Another broken night's sleep.  Would the forecast for the first snow of the winter also be correct?  It was.......... as this shot over to Troutback shows....A one night stop over would be enough as the morning showed no sign of improvement.

  I was awake at a similar time last night when I lay  contemplating the last few week's of testing, the last few days dealing with niggles in each leg and considering the impact that 13.1 miles at race pace might  have.  Would it be worthwhile for another personal worse?  Or should I stick to the plan of racing but be sensible and choose a shorter distance?  
  We decided for the latter and by 10.45 found ourselves back in Manchester for the Alexandra Park 5k.  Only this time a bright and sunny autumn morning.  A more pleasant experience than last month's deluge when only 31 finished.  So much so that just prior to the line up nicely warm having doing a couple of miles loosener I even considered running without a t-shirt underneath.  I say considered..then remembered it was November.

  Despite the good weather only 52 had turned up.  Well actually 54 because the field  included  one young man who had firmly fixed himself on the start line with a double buggie complete with what looked like twins.  I did query whether this was a good idea on the narrow park path.  He replied that , with a hint of sarcasm, that the buggie had a motor attached.  The "gun" went and he sped away, pushing the buggie  as if someone was trying to kidnap his kids........he pushed his way to third place apparently in 17.57!   I say apparently as whilst he didn't lap me,  Pat said he came past her like the proverbial express.  She improved from last  month with 27.50 from 28.19.
  For myself, finishing in 21.30 the time was  an improvement on last month but of course I did have a lace malfunction that day.  Nevertheless, not exactly a sparkling run. Again the sparsity of the field makes the event very much a time trial; no group to run alongside this month again....

  I've mentioned previously that they have  failed to register age groups at this Alexandra Part event in the past which is an Open Athletics event rather than part of the "park run" set.  Well following "suggestions"
they have remedied that. Although it did highlight that I was only 3rd in the M60.
  We parked next to the M60 winner,  John Ward of Bolton.  It was good to hear how much he is enjoying his successful running at the moment.   Thrilled to be doing so well but as with other "latecomers" to the sport regretting not starting earlier and just thinking about what he might have achieved..  He started running just ten years ago at 52.  He ran 19.41; over a minute faster than the October event.  Well done to him!


  1. Terry, there was a sprinkling of snow on the Helvellyn range when we drove back from Keswick around 3pm Sunday - after the Derwentwater 10.
    Incidentally, for the race I wore my new shorts, similar to the ones you're wearing in the above picture. My quads and hamstrings certainly felt happier and I'm sure I ran faster!

  2. Well done on your category win and a great time, Gordon. I bet the views in the second half were tremendous. Hopefully I'll be up for it to join you next year.