Thursday, 4 November 2010

Thank gooness for Goretex.....again.

  What a morning! Heavy rain driven by strong winds provided the backdrop for a gentle 3 mile jog around Swinsty reservoir.  Thank goodness for Goretex.  Still it was a chance to assess the collateral damage from yesterday's track session.   Sore groin (as usual) ,  calf not too bad, (last night's ice treatment worked )  but
quite weary all in all.  3 miles at amble pace was certainly sufficient all things considered.  
   As I was only in first gear it didn't take much slowing down to pause briefly for just one shot to record
today's  predominantly grey scene,   lifted only marginally by the autumnal colours of the trees on the south bank  failing to reflect in the choppy water.

   Based on a call yesterday there would seem to be no problem getting a number for the Lancaster half marathon on Sunday which is forecast to be a cool, but bright and sunny day.  What I have to decide is whether a 13.1 mile race which may well produce a "slowest ever performance"  is what I need at this time.
I think the weather could be the deciding factor.   If the forecast is correct,   a sunny day on the Lancashire coast might prove just the tonic after the few days of sun starved greyness which  we're having to endure now.

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