Monday, 15 November 2010

Running highs and lows

Well, we did suggest last Monday that Haile's retirement statement was made in haste and that given time he would have a rethink.
 Not much time apparently.  Just 8 days after his emotional announcement he has announced that he will run at least until the 2012 London Olympics.
 As predicted coach/agent, Jos Hermens hopped a plane to Ethiopia and had a supportive pep talk and
no doubt convinced the marathon world record holder to reconsider his decision.
  Obviously not alone in this, according to reports Haile gave thanks to all for their support and said
"Running is in my blood and now my mind is clear again. I can continue competing."
So good news. It will be interesting to see what his next event is and he does.
 Lesser mortals without such encouragement and support  would no doubt have stayed in the trough for a lot longer.  We've all been there haven't we?
 The last time I was "there", in a trough that is, was in 1994.  A particularly lean year for races with
only a couple in January,  an unplanned ,late entry London marathon and just a 10 miler in August.   I didn't have a coach/agent to sit me down and discuss what the problem was.  I eventually realised  that I wasn't in the "right place" clubwise.  I was becoming more of a "chief" than an "indian" and my training and racing was suffering.
 A tough and self centred decision leaving that club maybe but the malaise passed and the following year I turned out in 20 races, about my average.  I suppose sometimes it takes a bit of time to stand back and see just what is going on.  
  I was glad to "retire" after just 4 miles today.  That trail run may have been only 10 miles  but the undulations and terrain  took their toll.

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