Thursday, 11 November 2010

There's no such thing as bad weather for there?

 Despite the horrendous forecasts for today's weather I decided to maintain my weekly pilgrimage to the track; mainly on the basis that if the gales were sweeping across the lanes,  at least they would be pushing from behind  for part of the lap.
 Pat and I set up the Nelson shop for the day and donning a Windstopper jacket AND a Goretex jacket and bottoms I set off jogging to the track.   5 minutes later someone turned a hosepipe on me; at least it felt like that. Nice start!
 I must admit seeing several people of my age on the treadmills in the gym looked tempting, but a plan is a plan and so I stripped off the goretex suit and set about the session.......20 x 300.

 Having raced last Sunday and with conditions in mind, I was not planning to be running the reps  "eyes balls out"; hence adding to last week's 16 reps.  I'd run them slower but have a shorter 100m recovery.   I thought 45 mins pace would be suffice.......81 secs......but only manage 82, 83, 83, 83.   Consistent if nothing else.

  Hosepipe time again!   I retreated inside but just to gain extra protection from the Goretex jacket.  No thought of giving up!  A few more reps...all 83.....then unbelievably  the sun decided to tease me with it's presence before the weather had the last laugh and soaked me again .......but as they say there's no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing, undeterred rep. after rep.  were ticked off at a constant 83......with a final hurrah of 80 on the last.  Compared to 68 , 7 days ago.  Poor times maybe......but.....
                             What a morning......and it's only November!

  Now I've some bad news for all young ladies in the North West hoping to notch up victories in local events for the near future at least.  Charnwood's international TARA KRZYWICKI has come up from the Midlands and with partner Chris Black, has moved to Burnley.  She has already made her presence felt with a win in the local Burnley Fire Station 7.  With a season's PB of 34:23 (alltime 33:40) and 2010 F35 top 3 rankings at 5m and 10K,  she'll be showing a clean pair of heels to some of the local male runners as well on the roads.
   Visiting the Nelson Complete Runner shop today to equip herself for the hard winter months to come she said her next race would be the Mid Lancs cross country at Witton Park on Saturday running 2nd claim with Accrington Roadrunners but unable to count! 
   We wish her well  and hope her move works out well.  She will certainly grace the local scene.


  1. No such thing as bad weather for running.... just soft people.

    We never noticed the weather after rep 3 tonight and notched up a useful productive session. 4 x 600m + 4 x 500m + 5 x 300m


  2. I hope you took your turn at the front, Antony.
    Well done.

  3. I did, but only because Andrew Pearson didn't show this week.