Friday, 19 November 2010

Harriet Jenkins ...runner of the month?

 There isn't a week goes by without there are some great performances to admire in our sport.  But one performance which I learnt of this week wasn't featured in Athletics Weekly.  
  The performance of a certain 25 year old young lady in


 Hardly a world record but this young lady weighed a staggering 26 stone plus just 18 months ago....just less than me times 3.....a dress size 30.   Comfort eating taken to an extreme.
 Today she is a svelte 11 and a half stone and a size 10 and Slimming World's
Woman of the Year.   In contrast I'm quite keen to put a few pounds on!  But it seems the pounds I put on in the second half of the day get burnt off the following morning. 


Not for the first time this week the Wharfedale was shrouded in a depressing,  dank mist.  But Pat, travelling to Lancashire, alerted me that Airedale, in contrast, was enjoying bright warm sunshine.
 So it was out and back on the canal from 5 Rise Locks;  shedding hat and gloves as the miles rolled by.   Another tale of negative splits for the out and back course with a reasonably acceptable 8.45 mile average..........and  70 minutes of vitamin D boosting as recommended by the Sunshine Vitamin Alliance.


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