Tuesday, 2 November 2010


 Hard to believe I know but looking at today's published list for athletes on lottery funding (WCPP World Class Performance Programme) for the 2012 Olympics it seems I've been passed over.  I guess Charles Van Rental,  or whatever he's called , doesn't believe I can improve on my 2:25 marathon over the next 2 years.  Perhaps the fact I'm 61 blurred his decision making.  Ageism, I call it.
 At least I'm trying; having run 18 races this year.   One female marathon runner is on the Podium funded list and she has only run 13 races in the last 5 years,  only 2 in 2009 and none in 2010.  So much for him saying "athletes must prove themselves continually to maintain their position on the programme which has performance at it's core...."   But then again she was pregnant. 

  Following the birth of her second child, Raphael in September,  hopefully  we will see Paula R.  justifying her support and performing very soon.  Her reaction?..............No doubt,  I can't believe it!!

 One race she won't be running is the BRASS MONKEY HALF MARATHON , organised by the Knavesmire Harriers club in York.   In fact many runners who would have liked to have run the race will miss out because, as with Gary Dunn of Thirsk and  Sowerby, they were out training when the online entries opened and by the time they returned the race had filled up!  

 I suggested to Gary  that having won the race in 2007  he should have received a complimentary entry,  never mind  missing out.  But despite knowing I'm still racing that privilege has never been extended to me as a past winner so I don't think he'll be holding his breath. He can but try.      Presumably runners without a  computer had no chance at all.  Technology rules. OK?
 There was no need for any technological aid to work out the team winners in the mens race at the COMPLETE RUNNER cross country league on Saturday at Huddersfield.  A magnificent show of club solidarity and commitment from Leeds City athletes,  with  9 men finishing in the first 12 in the race.
 It's perhaps a shame that the Northern and National XC champs no longer restrict entries;  as the battle for selection of the 9 Leeds City runners for the National cross country championship race would have produced 9 runners in the very best of shape to take on the Southern challenge.  

Despite  this team domination none  of them could challenge race winner M35 Andrew Pearson of Longwood.
Having recorded a 4:05 mile and a 28:32 10K, amongst other notable performances,  in his younger days,  Andrew was sparing  in his efforts for long periods in his '30s,  seldom racing. 
 His record show no races at all in 2007.
 But in 2008 he, and several "extra pounds" around the midrift, reappeared in the C.R. XC league at Wetherby (Nov. 2008) where he finished  a very creditable 30th.  2009 saw him win 3 of the league fixtures plus 17 other excellent road performances including a UK top M35 10 mile ranking with 48.54 at Thirsk in November. On Saturday his class showed again,  beating the winner of the first  league race  by one minute and 23 seconds.  Amazing "comeback". As they say, cream will always rise to the top.
  My week's running  started fairly well with a solid run over at the "res" yesterday.  I gave myself a thrill by running around anticlockwise and became even more excited (!)  when I discovered a new path , leading from the shoreline up to Fewston Church.  Perhaps they are considering using the new path for baptisms in the reservoir. 
 Today I was back on familiar territory with an 8 miler on the canal which was superbly quiet compared to a weekend.  I  passed only 3 people in over an hours running.   Back at the track I think tomorrow before some thoughts about the weekend 's racing.   One consideration is what may turn out to be my 103rd and possibly last half marathon as one thought I'm having for next year is to concentrate on retaining speed; replacing  runs of ten and over with an extra speed or hill session to try to maintain times over 5K and 10K.

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