Wednesday, 9 June 2010


 Just had my number through for the BMAF 5K race.  BMAF as in Briitsh Masters Athletic Federation Championship 5K race with all the race information stapled on it!!  Race information stating simply that registration (?) will be in HORWICH PUBLIC HALL from 9.00 a.m.  Nothing else!

Entry fee £9 . I think we might have expected a bit more than a slip stapled onto the number simply stating venue and time for registration!
 NO travel directions to Horwch for those who might need them, NO  venue directions once there, bearing in mind Horwich is a small town not a village, NO course dettils, for those who have never run the event before,
NO timetable for the full day's programme, there's a lot more gong on than just the BMAF race,
NO instructions regarding team declarations, how to register if we want to count for a younger age group?
NO information regarding prize presentatons etc etc.  Should anyone feel that a BMAF medal is worh having!   I think we get the picture.  These British veterans championships aren't especially well supported particularly with regard to the team entry. Last year NO teams actually finished in several age groups. Is it any wonder?
  Me being me, I have emailed the BMAF sec.......she's not pleased about what's gone out......she emailed the BMAF road's set his "heart racing"!   The local organiser  "just assumes"   we all know the format, it's on the "website".   Which assumes all competitors have computers, of course.  Simply not the case given the age profile of competitors. Many will have entered using the entry form on the back of the BMAF magazine so haven't seen the website.  All in all very unprofessional and very disappointing for a British championship, don't you think?
  I had to postpone Tuesday's track session until today and judging by how the 7 on the road went (laboured !) which I did instead ,no bad thing.   That "easy"  6 up and down the moor was probably not quite as easy as was intended.  But then again we've always suspected that, haven't we?


  1. If you think that's bad it's even worse when you get there. No signs, what car park ? where's the start line ? And the start time is only an estimate. Due to people arriving late for some reason.
    If you need to go to the presentation I would suggest you go back home for a few hours before travelling back. Don't think the presentaions are in the main hall either as there is a room kindly hidden away with no directions or timings.

    Good luck.
    With the running that is !

  2. Thanks,Gary. If I hadn't encouraged Sale to turn a team out I think I'd give it a miss!
    Good to see you going hard for the win last night. Guess a younger,fresher man took it on the day. Another time, another day....
    Enjoy a few days rest!
    Take care, Terry L.