Thursday, 10 June 2010


 A cloudless sky.  The sun's warm energising rays covering the track. The gentlest of breezes ensuring comfort levels are maintained for the session.   Runners warm up in t-shirts which they shed as groups began to form for their various sessions.  Great! 

 At this point Pat wakes me up.  I'm not in Barcelona!

"Are you going to the track today?"   "Yes"
"Well,  you are going to get cold and wet!"

I planned 4 visits to the track in the 3 weeks between races; ideally looking for a gradual increase of pace per lap as the length of the rep shortened.  Simple.  Not quite so....
 Last week's 5k tempo went quite well averaging 1.48 for 22.34.   K reps at 1.40 should surely pose np problem for 4.10 each.   Simple. Not quite so..
 It's June 9th. and the weather is so poor that it could be late February.  Low temperature and a 14 mph north easterly winning the fight against my puny 61.6KG frame.   I'm losing 6 seconds per 200 and so the first 3 reps bring poor returns for the effort put in.........4.29 (!)  4.26   4.24.  The last 2 offer some meagre consolation 4.17 and 4.12.   Just a disappointing 4 seconds faster than the pace of the tempo run.  Very frustrating, no surprise so many emigrate to escape days like this.   In fact there has been very little break in the cloud cover all week. No change  this Thursday morning as rain sweeps down Wharfedale and the flag of St.George on top of St.John's church is buffeted by the strong winds. Great!   So much for a shorts and vest summer.
  Still,  thinking of England St.George flags, with the World Cup on the horizon starting with the game on Saturday versus U.S.A. we'll all be indoors anyway, won't we (?), watching the football so what's the problem.  Great!
                 Can't wait.  Just a shame Republic of Ireland were cheated out of their place.
I hope, reader,  wherever you are you are fairing which item of rainwear shall I wear today.

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