Saturday, 12 June 2010


 Saturday.  Going to Nelson track,which as previously mentioned will officially be closed.  I will have to resort to trespass; gaining access via the unofficial entrance,  i.e. squeezing between a gap in the perimeter railings.  Consequently, only thin people can use the track at weekends!
Track session 3 of 4 in a mini 3 week build up to the BMAF 5K.  Let's hope the session goes better than Wednesday's wind battered 5 x 1K efforts; the sun is out, the wind is minimal so it should be more positive.
  I've done nothing hard since Wednesday; just a flat, grassy 6 followed by an amble around the Bolton Abbey strid yesterday.  Apparently it's how top Kenyans train......slow, slow,  quick......slow, slow, quick.   I've done the slow, slow bit, can I do the "quick" bit?!  
   Again I'm reducing the distance to hopefully achieve further acceleration with a personal favourite session 8 x 600.   Usually I manage sub 2.30 on the only last couple of reps.  On this warmer, breezy day I'm going to try to get them all under 2.30.  41.40 10K pace; not bad but I would expect a younger runner to manage their 5K pace for these.  The first was spot at 2.29.9  and for once the whole session was more consistent and pleasingly the overall target was achieved for once.
                       2:29.9   2.29.6   2.27.6   2.29   2.29   2.29.1   2.28.1   2.27.6
I did give myself a very generous 2 minute recovery which was no doubt a factor in the session.

Perhaps I was trying to impress a film crew which set up; having also squeezed through the railings as I had. As I went through my reps it was very puzzling working out just what the "story line" was for their filming.  The central character  (white t-shirt showing product to camera) ran around.....a bit......practised some sprint starts .....a bit.....jumped up at the water jump barrier...a bit.....never once taking off a rather large winter jacket despite the rising temperatures!  Very queer.   They were still around as I finished and they told me they were filming a comedy advert for Asian Music channel.   The young man was supposed to do very little,  hardly breaking sweat and then spraying himself as if he had.   Yes, well........I'm sure it will come out better than I've described and how it looked!

So far so good then.  Track session 3 of 4 done and dusted.  The
 last time I managed a set of 600s all under 2.30 was back in January 2008 over at Halifax in the company of 2 young female runners.  For once I left the track feeling that the times had brought some reward for the effort put in.   I will have lost a couple  of pounds so squeezing back through railings posed no problem!

Nearly 7 p.m. now and the build up to England's first game against U.S. of A. is coing to a climax.  Some fans are forecasting a high scoring England win despite the copnfidence of the American team.   Knowing England ...sorry ...I'm going for 1-1.

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