Thursday, 3 June 2010

I WEAR.........

 Thursday 9.00 a.m.  Pat has already been out for her run, had breakfast and scooted off to look after my business interests! Where would I be without her......working!! She forecasts a hot and sticky run for me later in the morning with little breeze and the sun up to maximum.  Eyewear a must! Eyewear being the word the trade uses for what we call sunglasses.  as they call watches etc, timing and clothing, apparel!
 Apparently the damage caused by ultra violet rays is such that at some schools in Australia sunglasses are mandatory.  Eyes being 10 x more sensitive than skin; damage can be caused to the macula which we use for detailed close up work and cataracts develop when UV radiation from longterm exposure leads to disturbance of the fragile of the eye lens.  Not good!


There is a double page review of "eyewear" in RW.  They are showing  £200 for a pair of Oakleys or £165 for adidas. Great until you  sit on them or otherwise lose them.  What do I wear?   I have worn adidas but found they "fogged up" when breathing out.  I did have a good pair of Nike but left them on the top of the car when I finished a run, they fell off and the person I'd run with drove over them.  They were good because they featured a gap at the top for your expelled air to pass through.
  Without paying a fortune Sunwise glasses have this feature plus several models which offer the facility of interchanging lens according to the strength of the light.  I'm currently wearing such a model, the RUSH by Sunwise.
It comes with smoke mirror, beige and yellow polycarbonate lenses for low, medium and strong sunlight respectively.
Great value at a fraction of the Oakleys price!

14.40   Run done for the day.  My weekly circuit of the 2 reservoirs; temperatures in the low 20s. Very pleasant indeed and with just a bit of a push up the final hill managed to nudge under 60 minutes.  5 minutes faster than just after that depleting Manchester 10K! Having 2 very easy days of 5 miles each after Monday's  5 mile race at Wythenshawe has paid dividends.  Should be ready for a track session within the next few days.  The focus now being shorter reps as I've entered the British Masters 5K at Horwich , two weeks on Sunday. 
  This fine weather is set to last at least another couple of days.  (Not great news for Yorkshire Water.)
Temperatures staying in the low 20s. So take advantage; get your shorts out, put your shades on but don't forget the suntan cream! 

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