Sunday, 6 June 2010


I'm not alone in making reference to cyclists on our local Leeds Liverpool canal flashing past from behind without any warning.  Well, it seems complaints from pedestrians have triggered a positive response from the Police and Leeds Safety Units. For 2 days recently they stopped and spoke to dozens of cyclists and gave them bells to fit to their bikes to enable them to warn other canal users of their approach from behind.   It will be interesting to see  hear if they use them!  I'll be down the towpath
later today to find out...........
  The incessant rain certainly made for a quieter 9 miler on the canal; far fewer walkers and cyclists, with or without bells!   Tempting to go further but with another speed session planned for Tuesday decided that 9 would be enough.  Usual scenario for the run.  A first mile loosener at 8.59 then 4 miles just above target pace of 8.30 requiring a nudge over the final 4 miles to achieve the overall average.
8.59    8.39    8.38    8.35    8.38    8.19    8.13    8.07    7.56........averaging 8.27 (target 8.30)
 So the end of another week which started unusually with that 5 mile race, followed by 3 recovery days, a track session on Friday, easy 8 yesterday finishing with 9 today.   49 miles on the week.
 I was quite happy to face the challenge of a hot and sticky track session on Friday. In fact I was even disappointed that there was a fairly  strong breeze blowing as usual.  As I keep saying we have to race in heat don't we?   Avoid it continually and we miss the chance to acclimatise. I decided to leave the choice of session until the end of the 2 mile warm up  and opted for a strong tempo 5K rather than faster paced short reps which I'll be building back up to over the next 10 days.
The 12 and a half laps went much the same as today's canal run.  Acceleration throughout.  1.52 down to 1.40........for 22.34.  Best  time for a long time for this solo 5k track effort despite the strong breeze.
            55.3   1.51   1.49   1.51   1.52   1.52   1.50   1.48   1.47   1.46   1.45   1.44   1.40


  1. It's better to come pass silently on a bike as ringing a bell would only cause a runner to more than likely jump in your way. Very much like cross country running, I have found shouting track only causes confusion. Besides you would look like a right clown on a bike with a bell.
    It's good to hear other peoples views as my own views are normally a long way off the majorities.

  2. I tend to keep looking over my right shoulder so I normally spot cyclists coming up from behind. Whether running or cycling I think the key is a good shout WELL BEFORE coming alongside pedestrians so that they have PLENTY OF TIME to move to one side.

  3. I do a lot of running on the Derwent Walk which forms part of the C2C route and is therefore popular with cyclists. I agree a good shout well before coming alongside is the best method of warning.