Saturday, 26 June 2010

Damn those porokeratotic lesions!

 Those that know me well know that I've never really been a visitor to a sports massager on a regular basis.  This is a aspect of body maintenance that I should possibly address.   I think I can count on one hand the number of times a masseur has given me a good going over!  
 Another maintenance specialist I am certainly going to have to see more regularly is a chiropodist.  I visited my GP a couple of months ago to have her look at the base of my left foot where I had been experiencing quite a bit of pain.  I wanted reassurance that the tumour (Morton's Neuroma) that I had cut out in 2002 was not developing again.  She didn't think this was likely and booked an appointment......for last Friday! the local hospital podiatry dept.  If you have a foot phoebia look away, this is not my foot!

  Problem.?.......porokeratotic lesions......or as the young lady called them "seed corns".  Tiny callus that are extremely annoying to run on as they develop such that they feel like a grain of rice right in the middle of the forefoot.  She set about cutting them out with her scalpel as I have been doing myself confirming that my self treatment had been correct.  I  knew how to treat them : I just didn't know what they were called and didn't really learn from her how they develop. From what I read how they occur is a bit of a mystery but I feel sure that friction plays a part.   Case of ensuring that shoes worn are not too tight in the forefoot for a start.
She suggests using CCS cream regularly.
 These "seed corns" are quite painful but can be tolerated.  Anyone experiencing acute forefoot pain which gradually develops to the point when after a few miles of running the foot can't be even put down  is more likely to be a neuroma.  The curse of the forefoot runner .......just one of the problems experienced by Paula Radcliffe who had to have surgery as I did.  Not good.
 On leaving the hospital on Friday I called in next door to the Medical Centre to say that I hadn't had the result of a second blood test I had had a week ago.  The first showed slightly high glucose levels.  The receptionist flipped through some records and said...."No further action necessary".  
  "Is there a letter in the post? I asked.    No she said...we only notify if there's a problem!  So basically if I hadn't called in I would have spent the whole of  the weekend worrying if I had diabetis as I have done for the last week!
 I'm still intending to run the PLATT FIELDS 10K tomorrow in Manchester.   The forecast is showing a high of 27 degrees which should make it interesting.   It'll be flatter than last week and I'll be more hydrated so hopefully I'll be more comfortable.   Usual prerace jog of 3 miles today with just 4 yesterday.
 If I finish the race with a sprint as the last time I raced in this park way back in May 1983  I'll be more than happy.  Competing just 5 weeks after the London marathon I entered the park shoulder to shoulder with Ken Robinson,  of Kendal,  later Bingley,  and we sprinted to the line just to decide 26th and 27th place!  Ken had me by a second....2:33.14 to 2:33.15  and he never let me forget it, and why not. 
 The Piccadilly Marathon,  in which 9500 competed, was just one of several marathon in the North West  at that time in manchester, Stockport and Bolton.  None of then being held now.

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