Sunday, 13 June 2010


Well I forecast the score of the England -U.S.A World Cup match correctly; just a shame that I didn't have a
bet on it!  Anyone know what the odds were for a 1-1 draw?

According to David Lowes in Athletic Weekly this week,
  "Where many athletes fail in their training plan is the amount of work done at 80-100% VO2 max. (half marathon to 3K pace) which is usually 10-12 per cent of their weekly mileage quotas"

He goes on to write that, "top Africans are noted for doing approximately 33-35% at those levels."   In between "some very slow runs". 
My relatively slow run along  the canal today of 8 miles, taking in the splendour of the rhododendron bank, brought the week's total to 49.   With two track sessions,  5 x K on Wednesday and 8 x 600 yesterday my percentage of 10K pace "work" would firmly put me in his "failure" zone at 12%! Not sure how and where I could fitted in another hard session in this particular week;  but Monday, Thursday, Sunday might have worked on another week.   What percentage of your training this week has been at 5K/10k pace?
 Perhaps you are being held back by training with a slower partner all the time.  Perhaps you feel like you are always one step ahead ME AND MY SHADOW........i.e.  one canal boat towing another
....get the picture!.................
                                               No shadow for me............another solo effort.

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