Monday, 25 October 2010

The weight of the world..........

 In describing yesterday's  12 miler I didn't make reference to the chronic discomfort felt at the bottom of the rib cage for most of the run.  The condition that I've undergone blood tests, x-ray and the scan on October 6th to help the respiratory clinic consultant get to the bottom of what is causing it. 
 Today was results day at the hospital. .  Would the "weight of the world be lifted off my shoulders"?

The waiting over the last fortnight has not exactly been pleasant.  But unfortunately the consultation was not with the doctor who saw me initially and of course I had to discuss a lot of the same background information with this second physician.   At first, he said that the scan had relieved nothing negative and that he was going to discharge me but then he was handed what appeared to be further information and said the radiographer had detected some "cavaties" in the lungs.  I picked up the weight and placed it back on my shoulders!!
 He thought it was likely that these were historic but just to be sure he wanted a further blood test to rule out tubercolosis.   So one minute I was so pleased to hear they had found nothing sinister then the next minute more tests.  I was not very happy!
 To his credit he arranged for me to have the blood test immediately and I should have a result within a couple of days.   He tried to reassure me that whilst I am not displaying any symptoms they just want to be absolutely sure.   Both consultants seemed to feel that more likely the problem is rooted in the chest surgery I had way back in 1969!  
 Whatever was said at the hospital  it was another fabulous bright and sunny autumn day and there was no way I was going to miss out on a nice and relaxed 5 miler on the trail after yesterday's long run.   Plenty of company out there as well today......mainly grandparents walking their half term holidaying grandchildren!



  1. Got my fingers crossed - hope you will be taking that weight back of your shoulders again in a few days

  2. Yep - sure it'll be the 1969 jobby, Terry, but best to make sure. Can you sue the surgeon from 40 years ago? ;-)