Saturday, 9 October 2010

Races we didn't run!

  With regard to atheletics data/ power of 10 and now Runbritain listings, I have been puzzled this year that several races on the Fylde coast do not feature in my list of perfornances and that of several other people I have looked at .  In my case, I have tried unsuccessfully to add my 94.44 in the Great North West half marathon. a time which would have improved my handicap score.   Others have told me that the Blackpool marathon is not recognised as having taken place either. Both being organised by the same company.
  Enquiring with the admin team at athletics data/ Power of 10  it appears that the main race organiser in that Fylde coast region does not ....."take out a race license; not just UKA? runbritain nor ARC either" Consequently they do not feel they can.... "use these races in our site"
 So there you have it.  If you want to improve your handicap score and choose a Fylde Coast race as a means of doing so,  check if it has a license.  Judging by race entry forms for next year I believe that the race organiser inquestion may well have reconsidered the license policy. If it's a race organised by one of the local clubs I think you'll find it will have a license and be recognised.  If not your performance won't be recognised on your published record. 

  Training wise my easier than par week continued with just a 4 along the canal into the Nelson branch prior to another interesting and rewarding afternoon in the shop.   Another amazing variety of runners from a really enthusiastic London marathon runner weighing 19 stone (!) (that's twice my weight)  to several youngsters eagerly preparing themselves for their first cross country races.  Great stuff!
 Shoe of the day was undoubtedly.........the SAUCONY KILKENNY cross country spike.


  1. New organiser for GNW half next year, Terry - complete with UKA permit!

  2. Same orgnaiser under a new name, Andy. Note the address for entries. But, yes, I see the entry form shows he has a UKA permit

  3. I'm sure I've missed out on a few Power of 10 entries too. I wonder if it's because some results spell my first name with an H in, and then the software doesn't seem to recognise it as being me. I notice the recent Ryedale 10 mile and a few others have not updated on the site yet. I can login myself and manually enter the details (subject to their approval), but this seems to take quite a while to register. That would have given me quite a ranking lift and moral boost for this year. Perhaps this maybe a teething problem with this system and race organisers may have to use name and unique running number for it to work effectively. Thanks Mr Lonergon.