Sunday, 24 October 2010

Variety the key..... for week 43.

 Sunday.  What a fabulous day for racing!   Bright sunshine,  cool but not too cold and little wind! 

  But needs must and I opted for a long (for me!) run instead.  It had to be one or the other as Thursday, Friday and Saturday had not involved hard sessions.
 Thursday saw me back around Swinsty/ Fewston for my weekly pilgrimage and with Wednesday's track session in the legs it was great to enjoy a relaxed, pressure free amble without any real concern for the time taken..  Friday I was still in possible prerace mode and settled for an easy 4 but I was starting to think about races left for the year and how long it had been since I'd gone over 10 miles. 
 The weather on Friday was pretty foul and for the first time this autumn/ winter I retreated to the garage and
endured the 4 on the treadmill  in just less than 40 minutes.  How can 10 minute mileing feel so hard!!
 Travelling for appointments conspired such that it was early evening by the time I ventured out on Saturday.  A long. long time since I've had to run at that time of day on a Saturday and  so settled for a 5.   Restrained pace again at 9.20. Sunday's run would have to be much faster to justify not racing!
 The plan would be the first 2 miles as a loosener then, hitting the canal,  look for a further 10 at 8.30 pace for a target of 85 minutes.  So 9.16,  9.11 then it started to flow...
             8.33     8.32     8.12     8.19     8.14     8.13     8.20     8.10     8.13     8.14.......for 83.13

My training chart showed that the last time I've been above 10 miles was July 4. Amazing how the weeks pass.  That day the last time was 84.54. So quite pleased with 1. 41 improvement.
  The 12 brought the week's total up to a quite satisfactory 47 miles; a good track session, a decent long(ish)
run , a solid 7 on the road,  some undulating  trail,;  could have done without the treadmill but know I'll be on it again and the weather worsens and a start had to be made sometime.

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