Monday, 4 October 2010


  As the once monthly ALEXANDRA PARK 5K in S.Manchester is very much a low key "enter on the day" kind of race ( not being part of the pre-enter barcoded Park Runs) it was hardly surprising that only 33 diehards turned up to wade through the puddles on the waterlogged course.   A course which is a tad tricky at the best of times with a couple of sharp corners and potholed under foot in parts.   I posted about the merits of Goretex lined trail shoes earlier this week;  Sunday we could have done with Goretex racing shoes.
  My wife, Pat and I had stayed in Stockport overnight following Saturday's Northern 6/4 relays.  We suffered a fitful night of interrupted sleep, lying awake listening to the approaching roar and decelerating drone of incoming planes,  preparing to land at nearby Manchester Airport.  So when we drew the curtains back and saw the incessant rain,  it was tempting to just pack up and come straight back to Yorkshire. But plans are plans and surely it would cease by 11.30 a.m.? But it didn't.....

Shedding the Goretex jacket and bottoms after the usual 2 mile warm up, I retied the laces and off we went.   Immediately,  I was isolated between the swift and the cautious!   After 1K  I started to pull back the gap on a couple of the over ambitious and then a wet lace became undone!   With shivering hands it took half a minute to retie and I gave chase again, managing to pull back just a couple by the end.   In the end with the lace malfunction and the underfoot conditions it became a case of settling for a solid sub 22 minute clocking.......21.53. 17th of the 33.  Probably first M60 but they don't show age groups on the results, despite the fact they ask for "age on the day" on the entry form.  Naturally I bring this to their attention each time I run in this event!
 The presentation was taking place as I entered the building after a further couple of mile ease down and heard them calling for Pat.  I said she was just putting her make up on and was on her way!   She has finished 2nd lady overall (at 61)  in very creditable 28.19. Goodness knows what she could achieve if I let her train as hard as me!  But one of us has to keep the business going!
  What an unbelievable contrast in the weather today. Felt like mid July running this morning ..what a shame it came 24 hours too late!

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