Wednesday, 27 October 2010


    Having waited anxiously by the 'phone all afternoon waiting for the results of Monday's blood rule out tuberculosis you may recall......I eventually relented and rang the consultant's registrar. 
  He said the results were "negative".....which was a postive result!  Meaning they had find nothing sinister basically.   So after previous blood tests, x-rays and a scan I am back to where I was;  having to work out why nearly every run finishes with a form of "stitch".    Pain management of a surgical procedure undergone 41 years ago is now top of the agenda!   But at least  that weight has been lifted.

 On a lighter note,   I  was  having a nostalgia music period today;   revisiting the iconic album "BRAIN SALAD SURGERY" by Emerson, Lake and Palmer (cover above).  By the spring of 1973 E.L.P. and become one of the biggest progressive rock bands on the planet.  Their 5th "concept"  album, was long awaited but immediately created some controversy.  

 The first track was a "rip roaring" (cover notes!) version of the hymn  JERUSALEM. 
England's green and pleasant land and all that!   It was overwhelmingly acclaimed by fans and music critics but it was interesting to learn that the BBC refused to play it when it was released as a single.   Presumably they deemed the E.L.P. version to be  irreverent.  
 It would certainly have been more rousing than the version of JERUSALEM adopted to celebrate the medals gained by the Endland team at the Commonwealth Games.   Never heard the E.L.P. version? ....check it out on YouTube.

 With the weather deteriorating yesterday, after the splendour of Monday, I returned for a circuit of the
Strid Woods at Bolton Abbey, knowing the poor weather would put so many walkers off.  Not so long ago, this 8 mile trail run used to be a frequent "easy" Sunday run with friends after  a hard 10 miler on the Saturday.   Now it's come to be a moderately hard session.  Made even more so with a young dog choosing to entangle itself between my legs..........resulting in  more groin strain!    But not bad enough to deter me from managing a 6 on the road  today.   Tomorrow....back to the track.


  1. Good luck with the results Terry.

    Thanks for leaving the note on my blog about Sale Harriers. I've checked out the site and discovered my nearest track is virtually on the doorstep which is ideal, although Dane Road isn't too far away either. Will definitely be enquiring further once my knee starts behaving itself.

  2. I think the track in Timperley is used by Altrincham A.C. They have a website.
    If you think joining a club would add a welcome dimension to your running, you could try each club for a couple of sessions then decide which is the better of the two. Best of luck. Terry