Thursday, 14 October 2010


Post race recovery, doctor's visits, two afternoons at the hospital  plus holiday cover at the shop,
all conspired to make for a very easy low mileage week of just 25 miles last week. Having said that I did manage to squeeze a run in each day; so my current " streak " continues. 
 This week it was normal service resumed  and it would appear the low par week has been of some benefit.
Giving the body a bit of a rest from the near 50 weekly and a chance to recharge.

 Returning to the reservoirs on Monday I parked very easily. One of only 5 in the car park in contrast to Sunday when Pat drove around and around before finding a spot .  No walking groups for me to navigate and I was very close to the hour for the "2 res run" with 60.34. Very rare I go under the hour for this regular run but not far off on this occasion without particularly pushing it except up the last hill.

 Tuesday it was time to get back on the road and consequently nudge the pace up a tad.  A couple of easy miles then a 8.48   8.30  8.22  8.29 with a 9.04 to round off.  Best pace since the saturation 5K 10 days prior but again some discomfort akin to a stitch in the last mile. The pristine greens of the Ilkley Golf club
certainly looked appealing at this time.

 Warm sunshine and beautiful clear skies tempted me up onto the Ilkley moor for Wednesday's short run of 4 miles.  I won't describe it as easy as the initial climb involved  13.26 and 11.29 miles. . But a bit of homage to hillwork and not too painful with today's track session in mind.
  Distinctly cooler at Seedhill track today Thursday,   but only with only a breeze blowing the session of 1Ks went quite well. So much so that I reached 5 reps going better than last time on this session 3 weeks ago and opterd for another one. Again  gradual accleration throughout the set.

 6 x 1K  ........... 4.29   4.27   4.24   4.20   4.18   4.11
             Averaging 5 secs per rep faster than last time;  so quite pleased with that.....for a change!

I'm working on road rankings for Sale Harriers at the moment and it's interesting to see runner's race choices which are extremely varied.   Many report only one or two races for 2010,  citing injury usually as the reason for low participation.  Quite a lot seem to only run Parkruns which they do on a weekly basis(!) , throwing in the midweek 5K for variety.  They start too early for my liking. Several again race every week whatever the distance!  In the North West there are races every weekend without  having to travel far and they seem to need a weekly fix!  Many of them surprisingly vets of my age. 
  Several mirror my approach;  forced on me by the passage of time. Race..... recover..... pick up for a week or so , then look for another race. So,  after 41 weeks of the year I've  notched up 18 races  including 2 1/2 marathons, 5 10Ks, 3 5 milers, a 4 and several digs at the now ubiquitous 5K.
  But as last year no 10 miler.  Probably because I don't want to record yet another personal worse with a time beginning with a big 7....It would be touch and go!
  Anyway, with the last quarter of the year to go at,  we all have time to review the races we've run and perhaps plug some of the gaps, haven't we? 

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