Sunday, 30 September 2012

Right training ....wrong order?!

 Many MORECAMBE & WISE Christmas Show sketches have been memorable and repeated so many times. But show  which particularly outstanding  was the one featuring pianist, conductor and composer ANDRE PREVIN and his frustration with Eric Morecambe's attempt to play Grieg's piano Concerto.     ( A 1 MINUTE VIDEO)

A classic.....I AM playing all the RIGHT notes...not necessarily in the right order!

A bit like that with the week of training which ended today.  A couple of easy days on the grass,  some good  undulating trail runs, a 4x mile track session and a tough, VERY hilly road run.  43 miles in total. The problem being that I set myself the task of completing the hilly road run today the day after the track session.
A tough ask as it turned out.  It was a run I should have done midweek,last Wednesday. So why do it?
 I felt I needed a run around the 10 mile mark but not as flat as I often choose. I think I've been shying away from the hills too often lately.  Unfortunately in an attempt to avoid traffic and massed Sunday cyclists I tackle  a rouite that I used to use often in the @80s when doing runs over 20 mile.
  Starting from the hamlet of STORITHS high above the River Wharfe near Bolton Abbey.
 But I was only in my 30s then;  at 63 the hills felt somewhat steeper.  A cyclist did appear on my back at the  9 mile point and I thought
"Great I'll have some company: some one to drag me up the last half a mile very steep incline"
              But he peeled off to the right.

"Don't you fancy the hill then?!
 " No ,******* chance. I'm going for a tea at the Cavendish"
         So I'll battled on alone. Nose to the tarmac.
But  I survived.  No calf strains, no hamstring problems.  9.5 very hard miles.
          A good exercise but the wrong day.  
          Not after yesterday's  track session!


  1. Sounds like a hard effort Terry but those views must have made it all worthwhile. Well done!

  2. I know the hill you mean, and I used to avoid it too, branching off over the wooden bridge and returning to Hebden by the riverbank. Those were the days!

  3. A great hill for hill reps....but a beast at the end of a long run!