Thursday, 27 September 2012

PHILEAS JOGG ready to go....

The team at FASTRAX send out dozens of orders each week.  The majority of the orders are for clubs of the UK and Southern Ireland.  But printing for charities is becoming more and more significant.
 This morning we pulled together vests, tees, jackets and hooded tops for ADAM CHATAWAY aka PHILEAS JOGG who is going to tackle 6 marathons in 29 days of October and November.
   Only to make the task even more challenging he will be flying between 6 continents to fit them in.
  Marathons in BUENOS AIRES, MELBOURNE, AMMAN, NAIROBI, DUBLIN and NEW YORK will feature in his around the world travels,  running for ACTION AID  to help build 4 classrooms in Ethiopia.

A somewhat faster exercise than the "Around the world in 80days" of Jules Verne's PHILEAS FOGG; but then he did not have the advantage of jet travel.
  You may wish to read more about his epic jouirney and his fundraising efforts ...........................

                         NEWS FLASH......................................IT'S STOPPED RAINING!
 Whilst the rain which hit Ilkley for 40 hours plus continually earlier this week has now ceased the town and huge areas to the east are still suffering as the water  streams down off the hillsides.
I'll be going over to see how the reservoirs of Fewston and Swinsty look.  I suspect the good people of Leeds will have no excuse not to take a shower or even a bath  until next spring!

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