Saturday, 15 September 2012

Easy on a Saturday morning!

On a rather balmy but dry Saturday morning , my dear wife Pat is toiling out in the garden whilst I am sat comfortably typing this.  I am on strict instructions NOT to join her as I did last Saturday  before the BLACKPOOL 5K the following day.   She is convinced it was the reason I ran 21.27 having run 20.59 and 21.02 in recent 5Ks.   She may well be correct; grafting in the garden does take it out of us.
  My spate of binge racing has taken a toll. It's certainly been a case this week of just ticking over after recent events with no run exceeding 4 miles.  So yes  I'll behave myself as tomorrow it's the last of the 5 events in the MANCHESTER PARKS GRAND PRIX series.  The infamous BOGGART CHASE 10k  hosted by Salford Harriers in North Manchester.  It's a real roller coaster of a course; not one for the faint hearted!
 The series has not been quite the commitment of 9 races in that Leeds Leisure Grand Prix 25 years.  I was very pleased as I wrote last time to win that with 1791 points out of the 1800 on offer.   The chance of a win in this sereis however is very low. 
 The MANCHESTER Grand Prix has really scored us in our respective age groups.  There are only 3 in my M60 age group.  Leader FRANCIS DAY (East Cheshire)  has 9 points, I have 8 points and ARNOLD BRADSHAW (Manchester)  has 6 points.  I am very unlikely to get anywhere near to Mr Day if he turns up so even if I finish last of the 3 of us I'll still finish 2nd overall.
  Much the same situation as it was last year!!  I'm amazed that the series is not more popular as the increased cost of £25 for 5 races is still very good value.  
 Question is then, as it's my 4th event in 4 weeks on a very hilly challenging course should I hold back and just run to finish,  as even with a 100% effort the time is going to read very slow anyway OR not be a wimp and give my a full blown effort to see how my 2012 time compares with the 2011 time?

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