Saturday, 6 October 2012


Many of the RUNNING QUOTES which are sent by email from RUNNERS WORLD U.S. each morning of the week are
immediately deleted.  But on occasions a quote comes in which is mildly thought provoking. This was from KARA GOUCHER (see below) was particularly interesting as it echoes greatly my philosophy ref. running training and racing.
Whilst competitive runners must train hard to achieve a given aim and evaluate success or failure in that quest,
the pursuit of that goal and the actual race itself should have intrinsic value and be enjoyed whilst being undertaken.
 She states,
      "DO THE WORK
Kara Goucher, born July 9 1978 is an American long distance runner. She was 10,000 metres bronze medallist at the 2007 World Championships and represented U.S.A. in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  She was 3rd in Boston marathon (her debut)
  I recall repeatedly stressing to my school teams as a teacher that getting their names in the paper, the plaudits of the classmates, their medals were all well and good ; but their running now at school and later in life should be as enjoyable as possible.  
                So extrinsic rewards fine but intrinsic value paramount.
For myself, at this stage of 2012, 3/4 of the year having gone, Kara Goucher's  quote prompted me to just think about how things had been going and what I still had to achieve.
(A)PPLICATION.......I think I have applied myself pretty well,all things considered. (My age! and the number of years I've been "at it".  I set myself the target of averaging 40 miles per week.  I'm on 39+.  I have only missed one day of running this year and  most weeks I've managed a speed session of some sort.  How about you?
(C)OMPETITION....I generally like to race about 20 times in the year.  A delayed start (first race March 11th) but have now added 13 races to the grand total.  Nothing longer than 10K though so
perhaps look to getting a one or two 10 mile races before the end of the year.
How's your race programme?  Too few, just right or too many?
(T)IMES.......always difficult to assess. Even running the same race we expereince different weather etc.  The books suggest at 63 I MUST be slowing down but at least I've clocked a faster 5k this year (20.59) and my recent BOGGART CHASE was faster than 2011 so perhaps I'll settle for plateauing!   How are your times looking?
(S)URROUNDINGS...I think introducing a bit of variety in our training is a key to keeping things a bit fresh,  preventing boredom and maintaining the intrinsic enjoyment.  So changing the surroundings occasionally is important.  OK we all have our favourite runs and settings but I like to drive out and frequently explore new surroundings and race where I haven't previously.  Sometimes the result is good sometimes not so good but if you don't try....
                                Are you in a training rut?  
                 Time to make some changes?  
                    New places?  new races?

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