Tuesday, 25 September 2012


I had hoped the  rain would cease today but the forecast on BBC Weather was a constant..."heavy rain".  So I sought refuge in Bolton Abbey's Strid Woods; a good chance for some off road trail hill work. With over 200 homes  flooded and train services disrupted by the weather  across parts of the UK, it is perhaps churlish to report that parts of the trail by the River Wharfe were under 2 feet of water requiring detours. But a small inconvenience compared to the misery of being told to evacuate your home at 4  in the morning.  About 80 areas in England and Wales are being warned to expect flooding, with northern England the worst affected.Some areas could see 50mm (2in) of rain - an average fortnight's worth - by the day's end, the Met Office said.Elsewhere, flooding has closed sections of major roads, with more than 100 vehicles trapped on a 30-mile stretch of the A1 in North Yorkshire.
As I drove back past the tennis club the courts and surrounding fields appeared to be under water.  No tennis this week!
Last Saturday was certainly a "last hurrah" of the summer it would seem.  Just how lucky were we to have enjoyed the hours of warm sunshine for those NORTH OF ENGLAND MENS and LADIES RELAYS............
                                             THE MENS 6 STAGE RELAY
                                              THE LADIES 4 STAGE RELAY

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