Wednesday, 26 September 2012


You know the saying ,"If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again".  Of course, it helps if you know what you have done wrong and try to correct your error.  But when you follow normal procedures for a task and continually fail, time and time again after hours of effort, the saying becomes,
 "If at first you don't succeed, try, try,try again ...then throw the computer through the window!!"
I recall one Saturday morning,some decades ago, when Pat and I tried to "mend a fuse".  I involved fuse wire and spent the whole morning trying to get the lighting back on. No matter what we did we couldn't do it.
Eventually, we were forced to call in an electrician.  He came, he went down to the cellar and as we were on the way down to join him....seconds later the lights came on!
 "What did you do?" I asked.  "Oh, I just closed the fuse box door. Won't work unless you do." !!!!!!
I've struggled similarly with this  BOGGART CHASE 10K video since the race 10 days ago.  I followed all the normal procedures.  Downloaded Pat's clips,  transferred them to the moviemaker, looked at the 170 clips and shortened the film from 20 minutes to 15 minutes,  put in titles, added the music but time after time it just would NOT save. No save, no movie, no Youtube upload.
 I still don't know what I was doing wrong but hey ho for what it's worth here you have it......
If you ran it see how you coped with the lapped challenging  course as you should be able to track your position leaving the track after 1K, then going through at 3K, 7k and then finishing.  Certainly several young, strong looking young men seemed to have struggled with not only the hills but also the distance. Interesting.
         BOOGART CHASE 2012 VIDEO LINK IS............

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