Sunday, 31 July 2011

Thanks partner! the benefit of training with others.

With the schools now on holiday,  fortunately,  there was no chance of not being able to slot back into routine with a track session on Friday.   No school sports taking place to prevent my (illegal) access.
Reasonable trail runs on Wednesday and Thursday indicated the old legs were recovering from the weekend's 10 miler but I wasn't really expecting the track to be set alight!  Having barely run  much below 9 mins pace all week, I thought anything under 8 minute miling would be a bonus.
 I opted then for more of a speed/endurance session of 5 x mile but  went for a fairly short recovery (for me!)
of just 2 offset the lack of quality pace.
 As usual  the rep. times improved as from first to last.  7.43   7.43   7.34   7.29   7.20.
 So at best it was acceptable as a half marathon session but without a race in the legs I would hope for better if I do the rep session again any time soon.
 For once I had an arrangement for company on the Sunday run; and as my younger partner is faster than me I played safe with just a short 4 on Saturday. Whilst being a tad apprehensive that my pace would  make the run less than worthwhile for my partner,   I  thought that Jon Willingham, an ex Valley Strider but now with Bingley, might just drag a better pace from me than when I'm running solo.
  I keep saying that  training alone all the time  is not conducive to the best racing performances but it's the choice I make by training when and where I do.
 I had told Jon the normal splits for the canal run of 10 or more and in making the arrangement he seemed quite happy.  I think it's quite important when training with others that it's clear what the plan for the run is and what the pace is likely to be.
Jon knew the first two miles would be the slowest and having dabbled with a bit football yesteday at a family social was quite happy as his legs were suffering.
 The following splits are testament to the benefit of running with a partner on occasions.
9.07   8.45  8.14   8.10   7.58   8.08   (50.25)  down to 5 Rise Locks (Bingley)
8.09   8.03  7.58   7.58   8.00   7.55    (48.08)    12 miles in 1.38.33 ;  (last 10 miles in 80.41)
 Compares very favourably with 1:45.08 for 12 miles in that 13.1 just recently.
So thanks Jon!  Hopefully we can link up for some more runs soon but I'll give his speed session on Tuesday a miss.  This 62 year will need a couple of days recovery.
 Chasing numbers? .....that 12 took me to 46 on the week, 1231 on the year.....average just over 41.  Not bad but I still suspect  the M60s beating me are doing more and I need to up my game.


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